Terms and Conditions

By purchasing goods Online or In-Store from Groencor Furniture, the customer confirms that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions set out by Groencor Furniture at the time of purchase.

In-Store Savings Plan

| No Time Limit |

The savings plan was invented for the soul purpose of enabling customers to obtain any product over a period of time, which makes it affordable for all customers as there is no interest involved.


1. The Savings Plan is only a way of helping the customer to save for the items that they are interested in.

2. The item that is written at the bottom of the form is only for reference purposes and can be changed by the customer. There are no obligations to the items chosen.

3. Each time the customer comes to save, the balance will be credited with the amount that the customer has paid. This way the balance will accumulate until the customer decides to buy a certain item. Only then will the item be invoiced to the customer.

4. The customer will pay the price that appears on the item at the time of invoicing and receive 5% discount, as the Savings Plan is considered as a cash purchase.

5. Please note that all items that you may be interested in, are subject to price changes at any point in time. As this is a SAVINGS PLAN ONLY and NOT A LAY-BYE SYSTEM, no items are booked out/invoiced beforehand unless arranged otherwise.

6. If, for some reason the customer can not continue with the Savings Plan, the customer may choose to be refunded subject to the Savings Plan Refund Policy.

7. The Savings Plan Refund Policy is as follows:

- The customer may choose to be refunded 80% of the amount saved. He/She must use the remaining 20% as a purchase on the same day, if not it will be automatically be withheld as a penalty fee.

- The same applies to a customer who only requests a portion of his/her savings.

- No refunds will be processed unless the customer provides an original identification document, ID Card or Drivers License.

8. Items on the floor may be discontinued at any time by suppliers and may have price changes at any time.

9. Management requests the customer to inform Groencor Furniture at least 4 weeks in advance prior to purchasing an item with his/her savings to avoid disappointment of an item not being in stock at the time.

10. Once an item is ordered it may take any time from 3-8 weeks to arrive depending on stock availability and manufacturing period from the different suppliers.


In-Store Lay-bye

| 3 - 6 Months to Pay |

1. There will be no discount on lay-by as it is NOT considered cash. The only time a lay-bye will qualify for the 5% discounted cash price is if it is paid in full within 30 days of invoicing.

2. Lay-bye payment options are as follows:

- 30% Deposit on the day of invoicing and then 3 fixed monthly compulsory payments to follow for items that are R20 000 and less.

- 30% Deposit on the day of invoicing and then 6 fixed monthly compulsory payments to follow for items that are over R20 000.

3. Customers will not be able to pay less than the fixed payment amount per month and no late payments will be accepted.

4. If a customer does not comply with the lay-bye terms and conditions, a penalty fee of 1% of the purchase price will be retained. The item will then be removed from the lay-bye system and the deposit and/or payments made will then be moved to a savings plan in the customers' name and the savings plan terms and conditions will then apply.

5. The customer will pay the price on the item at the time of invoicing and NO INTEREST will be added.

6. The goods remain the property of Groencor Furniture and will not be delivered until paid in full.


In-Store Cash Payments

| Excludes products on sale |

Receive 5% Discount when you purchase with cash, debit, cheque or credit card in store!




1. When an item is purchased at Groencor Furniture and delivery is needed, it is expected of the customer to check the product for any faults, damages etc.

2. Groencor Furniture will not be held accountable for any damages or faults after the customer has signed the delivery form. A line is provided on the form for any complaints the customer may have or if any problems should occur. When an item is damaged, the customer is obligated to fill it in the space provided for complaints and items are to be send back immediately whilst the vehicle is still at the customers' home.

3. When a customer is collecting/transporting his/her purchased goods from Groencor Furniture by their own means of transport, it will be at the customers' own risk. Groencor Furniture will not be held liable for any damages.

4. The customer will be fully responsible for any items that are damaged or broken by himself or his people, whether it be his own goods or that of Groencor Furniture.

5. The customer will be liable to pay for any damages, repairs or relacements that he or his people have caused.




The warranty on products varies between different items and is valid in the time frame applicable. The warranty will be forfeited if it is found that the item was abused.